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A flicker in time, artfully captured by visual storytellers. From first hair-pin to last dance, our cinematic wedding films tell real stories that are made to be relived by exceptional people.

Who are Purple Ribbon? 

We’re a team of professional filmmakers who specialise in turning intimate moments into beautiful stories. We turn your special day into visual poetry, providing you with a high-definition film starring you and your special one.

Essentially, we capture moments. Whispers in the ear. Smiles across the room. Sun-dappled light on shoulders. Then we combine all of these to create a wedding film worth cherishing and sharing for years to come.

Our wedding videographers are based in London and Melbourne, and frequently film wedding videos all over the world.

Gay Dating Apps That Are Fun And Good For Casual Dating

If you are just starting out in your gay relationship you might be overwhelmed with the choice of which gay dating site to join. You can join any one of them, and get the ball rolling but there is something you should know before making your choice. There are actually several different kinds of gay mature dating sites, the most common ones are adult dating sites or gay dating sites for mature people, and they are all very popular. The reason why they are so popular is because they cater to a specific community that goes back generations and have an understanding of what it means to be gay and are able to give you advice on all sorts of different aspects of being gay.

When joining any of the gay dating sites, no matter if it is for an actual personals ad or a dating profile, it is important that you are careful about the type of ad you put up. It is easy for gay dating sites to be set up by gay hookup clubs to lure in unsuspecting men and women. They will give you a fake profile to entice you into joining, and the gay dating sites that use these clubs will actually ban anyone who posts an inappropriate ad. This means that if you are browsing through the list of gay dating sites you will be able to tell right away if it is not a real ad. The fake profiles make it hard for people to choose a gay dating site for their special someone because they do not feel comfortable with revealing personal information online.

If you want a good gay dating app then you may want to try Okcupid, it is very similar to gay hookup sites but it is geared more towards casual dating. All you need to do is put in a little information about yourself and it will ask you questions related to your hobbies, interests and more and it will then give you matches based on all of those criteria. If you are comfortable with giving out your information then you will probably like Okcupid and it is worth a try.

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